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Monday, 13 August 2012

1440 Hours So Far

We have both become somewhat distracted in the last couple of weeks; London 2012 is just up the road and there has been wall to wall Olympic TV coverage vying for our attention.

Initially we were a bit ambivalent about The Games, but with Team GB’s medal success, coupled with a general air of pride in the way London has handled its responsibilities, we joined in with the collective mood of optimism. The UK now seems a good place to live.

With The Games over, we were both eager to resume work on Kira. Before we glue the fore and aft decks in place, we want to complete all the filleting and generally strengthen the stem and stern while we have easy access. Janina is also filleting and sanding the sandwich decks. It is tedious and time-consuming work but has to be done.

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