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Saturday 18 August 2012

1446 Hours So Far

I have two big lifting jobs which I have pencilled in for later this week.

The first is to lift the 250kg drum of epoxy onto its side and then decant the said epoxy into my empty 25kg canisters. I have been mulling this over for some time. There is such a thing as a drum tipper, but my local hire shops don’t stock them. Plan B is to wheel the drum under a RSJ in the workshop with a pallet truck, and with a chain hoist and beam clamp I can lift the drum and use a Workmate to keep it stable while we decant away. Mmmmmm we shall see …. I may require hernia surgery afterwards.

The second lift job is to lift the near completed starboard hull so I can fix castors under the hull cradles. The hull will then be manoeuvrable and we will be able to move it into the garden while we start on the port hull. Although that happy day is a few weeks off, I want to put the chain hoist to good use while we have it.

The two trolleys have four heavy duty castors at each corner, and custom fit each cradle. When upturned they resemble giant skateboards……

I recently found a family photo of me playing on my skateboard in my welly boots circa 1967. We had a bit of fun this afternoon and tried to recreate the photo, only 45 years later. The little boy in me has never died.

265    DSC_0613

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