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Sunday 23 September 2012

1474 Hours So Far

There has not been a great deal of time to add to the blog in the past couple of weeks as we have been on holiday to Croatia, our kitchen leak work has been completed, we are now having the rest of the kitchen refitted and Janine has been in a local AmDram production, but we finally attached the bow deck today.

We also spent a day at the Southampton Boat Show, where we saw the ‘community’ boat project – a boat constructed of donated pieces of wood, be they clothes pegs, cotton bobbins or guitars. Our neighbour, Mike, who had donated a piece of teak, put us on to it. The above picture shows one of the sides.

Our Croatian holiday was spent in Istria with the girls and their boyfriends. There was a lot of R and R and a few evenings spent wandering around marinas. Heaven!





The Limski Draga Fjord.

Sorry if the quality of the photos is not up to the usual standard, but they were downloaded from my iPhone.

On our return we had over 100 spam comments on this blog, all of them trying to advertise something, So now we are experimenting with a plugin to try and filter the real stuff from the rubbish and regain control of our own website.

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