Very A-PEEL-ing


Sunday 14 October 2012

1500 Hours So Far

We have had a couple of productive days, and so are spending a restful day having a roast dinner and watching the TV, while thinking of Neil on his half marathon.

We have managed to glass the upper panel sides and so are feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. We did it in two continuous 12 metre runs with a generous wrap around on stem and stern. I remember doing the lower hull sides on my own a while back, although this time the work requires the use of access ladders, by working together things went very smoothly.

Our new purchase of a ladder/platform from the man who is always in front of the Holiday Inn at the Southampton Boat Show (next to the giant Bean Bag man and opposite Mr D’s Thermal Cooker stand, both of whom we visited and purchased from at the last Boat Show) has proved a real boon.

We wound the glass around a broom handle and gradually made our way along the boat. I worked with a roller and Janine followed behind with a brush and Stanley knife. We are great fans of Peel Ply as it gives an idiot proof method of obtaining a great finish and NO AMINE BLUSH. Janine’s talents and experience as a dressmaker stood us in good stead as she was quickly able to master the skill of smoothing on the Peel Ply without bubbles. The whole process is a little thirsty in terms of epoxy but the finish should be worth it.






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