I’m Back!

imageI am going to have to get into a routine again. The discipline of sitting down at the end of the day and writing about boatbuilding. Janine is doing her embroidery while watching TV and I have a glass of wine and an ipad.

I have various boat tasks on the go. If it is not too hot and its dry, I’ll get on and do outside jobs. If its raining I’m inside doing other stuff. I actually find that warm sunny weather is the most challenging weather of all. If you mix more than one pump of epoxy it is curing before you can use it.

So this week I have cut a hole in the aft deck of the port hull. This will become a large locker. It is the first hatch and coaming set I have made that isn’t square– I believe it is technically an isosceles trapezium.. In fact there isn’t a right angle to be seen so every cut you have to transfer the angle from the boat to the table saw. It is enjoyable work when it goes well; miserable when you cock things up. Anyway it is all glassed now and will be fitted next week after a final sanding.


I also completed the hardwood pads which will support the lashing strake. I’ve made over 100 of them, and having fitted half of them yesterday, I’ve done a few too many. I searched Neil’s site to see how many he used (94) and I think I’ll use 84. Perhaps Gleda is longer than Kira.

imageI’ve also turned my attention to the rudders. They are all cut out and I’ve scarfed the joints, being mindful not to join them back to front like Cat Named Dog. My sympathies as it is so easily done.

5 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

  1. Hey guys I was sitting here in sunny Portugal taking advantage of rare marina wifi and thought I’d see if you’d got the site back up, great to see you have. Presumably you’ll be posting all the backdated blog post you wrote while the site was down eh?!
    Strange I made more spacers than you, can’t for the life of me remember why and I’ve got to be honest I can’t be arsed to find out. My life as a builder seems like a distant memory now and I have to tell you that life as a cruising sailor is much better 🙂
    I f you need a Winter boost you’de be more than welcome to come visit us in Lagos sometime between October and May. Keep up the good work you’re on the home straight now.

    All the best
    Neil & Gail s/v Gleda

  2. Hi Dirk! Thanks for looking us up again. Planning a catch-up blog to fill in the missing years. But Kira progresses apace.
    Adrian & Janine

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