Well Done!

Thursday 20th August 2015


Lately I have been turning my attention to the engine wells/boxes. The plans show auxillary power from two, 10HP outboard motors mounted on cradles under the deck platform. Simplicity! Not only are there no holes in the hulls, but they can be lifted out of the water, so reducing unnecessary drag. In theory it will be possible to turn the boat within it’s own length. In addition,  if one engine goes kaputt,  you have another to spare. Furthermore, if you experience a breakdown there will always be someone in far off anchorages with the nouse to effect a repair.

As I progress with the build the plans become less and less clear! I guess JWD feels that if you have got this far you don’t need help. It took a bit of head scratching to work out what is to be done. The engines are mounted on bespoke wells which are suspended beneath the engine boxes with stainless steel rods. The engine boxes (housing fuel tanks and batteries) in turn, are slung between the beams with steel rods. The fact that the engine boxes are not square (the outer side is 15mm shorter than the inner side) confused me for a while, but I think I have it now.

The whole assembly is made from 12mm ply doubled up to make 24mm. In short, there is a lot of fiddling around; a task I thought could have been completed in a weekend, has taken much longer.

The top picture shows  the brackets which will support the engine wells under the engine boxes. I was concerned that the 12mm hole might invite ingress of water, so I drilled a 20mm hole, filled it with epoxy, then drilled the correct-sized hole through the middle. Below are a couple of close ups.



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