Toe Rail

May 4th. 2017

I had a trip round to my timber supplier (East Kent Timber) and bought a new supply of sapele hardwood boards. Spent the morning ripping and thicknessing stock. In the process I realised that I have been using the radial arm saw the wrong way round when in ripping mode! There is a sticker showing the correct rotation of the blade in this mode but it is very unclear. Anyway the blade no longer jams and apart from the noise and fountain of saw dust is a pleasure to use.

I had great fun marking up, making simple jigs, and working out the work stream to make the toe rails. I wasn’t entirely sure whether a toe rail is absolutely ┬ánecessary, but it does perhaps lessens the risk of slipping off the deck and is a way of securing fenders. A quick internet search of other Tiki 38s show that some do, and some don’t, fit them. Build number 123 is having them!

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