Sunday 4th June.

The picture above is of the sun setting from the beach at Seasalter, north Kent. It was so peaceful and calm when taken 2 days ago, but now we have awoken to the news that there has been another mass killing just up the road in London. Here we go again.

Recently we have been sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding, filling, sanding sanding sanding sanding, filling a bit more, sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding, filling a bit, then sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding…….

There has been much experimenting (using the inner hull sides which will always be hidden by the central deck) to find the finish I want, with the least effort possible. Unfortunately, the least effort possible is still a lot of effort. So far it seems that a skim of Hempel Profiller and hand finishing with 240 grit on  a longboard is the way to go. Who needs expensive gym membership when you can longboard? I’ll look like Popeye when I’m done!


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