Foredeck Support Blocks


Tuesday 6th June 2017.

Normal service has now resumed with regard to the weather. I came out of shorts for the first time in weeks as the temperature dropped; the driving rain pretty much restricting all outside work.

That said there was a nice job of making some support blocks for the foredeck. It is nice to have a task that has a beginning middle and end.

The slatted deck requires some bespoke hardwood blocks attached to the tumblehomes. They don’t need to be super strong, as the weight of the mast, anchor and chain is taken by the two beams and mast case. The tumblehomes are made from 9mm ply and Mr Wharram advises that the support blocks are bolted through the boat. Aesthetically I think that it needs to be done better. Neil in Gleda glued his on but when I visited him one he said that a couple had fallen off. I have decided to glue them on, but reinforce things with a couple of 10mm dowels drilled right through the tumblehome. I can then simply trim the dowel back from inside. A bit of sanding and paint and you won’t see a thing.


I’ll try and fit them tomorrow (weather permitting) and post more pics.






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