Spot The Deliberate Mistake

Wednesday 7th June 2017.

The weather has been a little kinder today, so the supporting blocks have been dowelled and glued into place. There were no dramas and everything went according to plan.


You can see how useless epoxy resin is in resisting UV radiation. I had quickly slapped a coat of epoxy to protect the oak hatch side one season ago. It has already peeled off. The fairing skim coat on the topsides is no better either. Epoxy needs to be varnished or painted over for it to cope. Perhaps it isn’t the wonder product of our age after all.




You can start to see how the foredeck is to be constructed. There will be deck support beams running from the square holes in the side of the mast case to the corresponding support block on the tumblehomes. The slatted deck (similar to patio decking, but hardwood not pressure treated softwood) will then run longitudinally. The whole caboodle being secured in place with some lashings (the reason for having a hole in the support block).

And the deliberate mistake? The top picture shows that the hatch handle will foul the deck. Bugger! I knew it would be tight but I thought I would get away with it. I will have to cut the ruddy thing off and put it on top of the hatch and not the side. One dropped stitch in life’s rich tapestry.

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