Pod Cast

I have always had reservations about the steering pod as presented on the plans. It has an enclosed watch bunk athwartship, a couple of small benches, and no protection from the elements. I disliked the design so much that I had considered dispensing with it completely, and having an open deck.

I have now decided to design my own pod, the aim being to have a useful living space while at anchor, but having a safe enclosure with all control lines led to the pod while at sea. I have pretty much copied the pod on Stewart and Zaya’s Luckyfish. Check it out on their YouTube channel “Luckyfish Gets Away”. I have tweaked it a bit, having liaised with Stewart, who has been living with his pod for a couple of years.

The biggest challenge is to build the pod without any plans. I have spent many hours capturing screenshots of videos and having sleepless nights trying to work how to build it. I have drawn my own scale drawings and have started to build the frame. It is easier to make judgements on sizes and dimensions with the pod in front of you.

Its winter in the UK and so I am putting it all together in the workshop. I’m not sure if I will be able to get it out of the garage. I may have to move the whole caboodle to a temporary shelter (taupalin draped over the beams) when the weather improves.

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