Preparations continue



Late May 2009

Eager to get going, I toddled off to my local Wickes’ DIY store and bought 10 sheets of 18mm tongue and groove roofing boards. We then spent a hot sunny afternoon gluing them all together with my epoxy. We got into a rhythm and it was all quite fun! Took care to get everything straight and in alignment. Managed to get epoxy on everything and had no solvent for the clean up. The following day the brush was as hard as iron. Still at least I felt I was doing something.
This will become my lofting board. I have read several books on this mysterious art, and still can’t get my head around it. Thankfully, there isn’t a great deal of lofting to be done on this build, and the plans give a step by step idiots guide. Basically you have to transfer the boat lines as drawn to scale on the plans, and draw them out full size on the building floor. My dad thinks it should be painted white but I think it should be OK.
A sizeable order to Robbin’s Timber has been placed, and payment made electronically. The order should keep me going for a year or more. Although its a tidy sum, I have been putting aside £400 a month into a boat building savings account for about 2 years, so I have budgeted for this moment, and it doesn’t feel too painful.

Early Days


The roof goes onto the shelter

Early May 2009

I’m not sure when a build actually starts. This project has been a long time in gestation but the delivery and birth seems to be looming rather rapidly! It’s been quite hectic at work, but with so much planning and organisation around the build to be sorted, I’m feeling rather frazzled! When I stand back I don’t seem to have achieved much, but there again I am clearly closer.
I’ve been quite disappointed and frustrated with tradesmen and suppliers. They say there is a credit crunch on, but they don’t seem to care much about their customers. Many fail to return my calls. Still I now know not to put any business their way.
Top marks for service goes to Robbin’s Timber in Bristol, as well as Wessex Resins. They have shown an interest in what I’m doing, and so have been rewarded with my custom. So its Robbins Elite Marine Ply BS1088 throughout, along with West Systems epoxy to glue it all together. A bit on the pricey side, but quality products. I repeat I am willing to reward good service.