Boxing Clever


Wednesday 18th May 2016

I know, I know; no post since August last year. I went to a school reunion dinner last weekend and all my old school mates were moaning about the paucity of information. So here is a quick update……

Building slowed a bit in the New Year. I started a new part time job after my “sabbatical”, 4 afternoons a week should give me enough pocket money to postpone cashing in the pension for a couple of years. Also my mum died in January; sorting out the estate eats into the build time.

I’m working on the engine/battery boxes at the moment. On the face of it you would think that it is a quick job. Don’t you believe it! To get the requisite ply thickness you have to glue stock together. The task is not helped by the discovery that the plans have errors. I also misread the plans and made them too short, and being a mean bugger I had to scarf a section in, rather than cut them out properly. Added to this each box is the mirror image of the other, with the topsides having a camber to mimic the camber of the crossbeams. I’ve also adapted the lids to make two sun loungers…. all in all it has led to much head scratching and cursing. Still close to finishing now and then I’ll turn my thoughts to making the rudders (which are to be adapted by adding a trim tab for the self-steering).

I’ll promise to increase the frequency of the posts. Furthermore I may join Facebook and give Kira her own page (another idea from old school friends). Watch this space!


Photo Shoot!


Saturday August 29th 2015

I was contacted recently by a GP Commissioning Trade Publication. They were looking for GP commissioners with “an interesting back story or hobby”. They had trawled every CCG website in the country for the biographies of Board Members and came up with me! I had a telephone interview and Terry, my professional photographer neighbour, kindly took the photos in the quality format for glossy magazines (330 DPI).

They’re a bit cheesy and contrived but that is what the magazine requested. They are however a nice record of the build as it is now. It was also fun to watch him photoshop out any unwanted clutter (like my conservatory in one shot)

No blog for a couple of weeks as I’m off to Heathrow later today; quick trip to Tanzania!







New Year, New Start


Tuesday 1 January 2013

It seems incredible that it is over 2 months since my last post, and over 2 months since I did any work on Kira. That is not to say that I have been idle in the last few weeks, it is just that “life” outside Kira has had to take precedence.

Various things created a perfect storm of inactivity. Local GPs have had to get organised into groups so they can commission services for the local area. This required a lot of training from management consultants so I could acquire the skills to manage multimillion pound health budgets, and then prove to the powers that be that I am a fit and proper person to carry the responsibility. On top of that we had a major underground water leak in our kitchen and so we had to organise the repair work and took advantage of the disruption for a bit of a refit; and then of course there was Christmas…..

2013 has to be “The Big Push” as, by November, the local planning department will start to pester me to remove the boat shed. My big news is that, all being well, my GP partners have agreed a 3 months’ sabbatical from April to July and so hopefully we can make huge strides forward when we both build full time.

So thanks everybody for bearing with me, and I will endeavour to keep you posted.

Happy New Year to you all and may 2013 be a year of health and happiness.