Tape Deck


Saturday 29th September 2012

1484 Hours So Far

Kira is now fully decked from stem to stern! I know it is  much behind schedule but we have got there in the end, and mighty fine she looks too! I can lose many an hour just circling the boat and admiring our achievement.

We have done a lot of rounding off with the router and sander so there are no longer any hard corners. We have now started putting biaxial tape over the deck joints. I am not sure if it adds much to the strength of the joints, but I’m only following the plans. Once this is all done, it is onto the glassing. The last time I did glassing (2 years ago) all seemed to go OK. I rely heavily on the wonders of peel ply. Some say that peel ply is cheating, but as long as it gives a professional finish, I don’t care.


Show Boat


Sunday 23 September 2012

1474 Hours So Far

There has not been a great deal of time to add to the blog in the past couple of weeks as we have been on holiday to Croatia, our kitchen leak work has been completed, we are now having the rest of the kitchen refitted and Janine has been in a local AmDram production, but we finally attached the bow deck today.

We also spent a day at the Southampton Boat Show, where we saw the ‘community’ boat project – a boat constructed of donated pieces of wood, be they clothes pegs, cotton bobbins or guitars. Our neighbour, Mike, who had donated a piece of teak, put us on to it. The above picture shows one of the sides.

Our Croatian holiday was spent in Istria with the girls and their boyfriends. There was a lot of R and R and a few evenings spent wandering around marinas. Heaven!





The Limski Draga Fjord.

Sorry if the quality of the photos is not up to the usual standard, but they were downloaded from my iPhone.

On our return we had over 100 spam comments on this blog, all of them trying to advertise something, So now we are experimenting with a plugin to try and filter the real stuff from the rubbish and regain control of our own website.

Hop It!


Wednesday 5 September 2012

1470 Hours So Far

I live in an area of Kent which historically is renowned for hop growing , an essential ingredient when brewing beer. In days gone by, I recall hop vines as far as the eye could see; sadly today England imports most of its hops from mainland Europe. Faversham, Sittingbourne’s sister town, is a few miles east along the A2, and holds an annual Hop Festival; lots of country dancing, lots of music …. and lots of drinking. On Sunday we visited the festival, and took time out to walk along Faversham Creek to admire the Thames sailing barges which once transported goods(mainly bricks) up to London. The photo above is a hop vine taken on Janine’s iPhone.

We continue to plod on. Today we cut out the remaining 9mm deck pieces, and later put the first coat of epoxy on the undersurfaces. I hope to do the second flood coat tomorrow.


All White Now


Wednesday 29 August 2012

1460 Hours So Far

Preparations continue to attach the final bits of deck. This means that all joints need to have an epoxy fillet. all of which need to be sanded and prepped ready for painting. Time consuming stuff, and how much effort do you put in to areas that will only be seen through inspection hatches? I’m learning to accept the odd uneven fillet or paint run, but with my OCD tendencies, it has not been easy.

I have made all the supporting framework for the decks. I have even remembered to finish the inspection hatch into the collision bulkhead/sail locker. I have adapted four kitchen cabinet knobs to use as fixing lugs. This will be placed inside the compartment before it is decked over, otherwise there is no way of getting it in!




Wheeley Clever


Wednesday 22 August 2012

1450 Hours So Far

Today we hired a beam clamp, chain hoist and a pallet truck, and, within 2 hours, we had managed to decant the epoxy from the E pack drum into 6 C pack containers and lifted Kira onto some wheels. No dramas apart from the minor head injury when the chain hoist chain slipped off the coaming onto my head.

The wheels allow us to push Kira easily to one side or another of the build shed, which, in turn, gives us more room to work in. Only snag is that Kira is now much taller and so the step ladder is a tad too short.

More pictures of our day below.





Castor Way


Saturday 18 August 2012

1446 Hours So Far

I have two big lifting jobs which I have pencilled in for later this week.

The first is to lift the 250kg drum of epoxy onto its side and then decant the said epoxy into my empty 25kg canisters. I have been mulling this over for some time. There is such a thing as a drum tipper, but my local hire shops don’t stock them. Plan B is to wheel the drum under a RSJ in the workshop with a pallet truck, and with a chain hoist and beam clamp I can lift the drum and use a Workmate to keep it stable while we decant away. Mmmmmm we shall see …. I may require hernia surgery afterwards.

The second lift job is to lift the near completed starboard hull so I can fix castors under the hull cradles. The hull will then be manoeuvrable and we will be able to move it into the garden while we start on the port hull. Although that happy day is a few weeks off, I want to put the chain hoist to good use while we have it.

The two trolleys have four heavy duty castors at each corner, and custom fit each cradle. When upturned they resemble giant skateboards……

I recently found a family photo of me playing on my skateboard in my welly boots circa 1967. We had a bit of fun this afternoon and tried to recreate the photo, only 45 years later. The little boy in me has never died.

265    DSC_0613

Iron Man


Friday, 17 August 2012

1443 Hours So Far

I am sure that a hefty fillet of oak will add strength to the stem and stern. To that end I cut up some finest European oak with the radial arm saw and bandsaw. The stock is so heavy and hard that my tools were really struggling to cope, but by being patient and letting the blade do the work, we managed to get there in the end.

The fillets fit very well, although this is more luck than judgement. I am sure that if I am unfortunate enough to ram another vessel down they are likely to come off worse than me!


Back To Work


Monday, 13 August 2012

1440 Hours So Far

We have both become somewhat distracted in the last couple of weeks; London 2012 is just up the road and there has been wall to wall Olympic TV coverage vying for our attention.

Initially we were a bit ambivalent about The Games, but with Team GB’s medal success, coupled with a general air of pride in the way London has handled its responsibilities, we joined in with the collective mood of optimism. The UK now seems a good place to live.

With The Games over, we were both eager to resume work on Kira. Before we glue the fore and aft decks in place, we want to complete all the filleting and generally strengthen the stem and stern while we have easy access. Janina is also filleting and sanding the sandwich decks. It is tedious and time-consuming work but has to be done.

Olympian Efforts


Sunday, 5 August 2012

1430 Hours So Far

After a 3-week hiatus, we are back on track with a new-look blog.

Apple’s ‘upgrade’ has meant that we could no longer use iWeb as a platform for the blog, with all the interactivity such as comments even if we used another web host (no, me neither), so we have completely changed the way we produce the log and hope you like it. I am, of course, using the royal ‘we’ here, as Janine has done the hard graft and actually set the whole thing up. But you are now able to find this new blog on Google and leave comments if you wish.

After putting on the cabin sides there has been a big push to put on the cabin roof, but since then not a great deal of boat work has taken place. This is because of a combination of the Olympics, Janine twisting her ankle and our elder daughter returning home after her successful Avenue Q Tour. They are off to the Edinburgh Fringe tomorrow and I shall be able to concentrate on the Velodrome action without interruption.

As you can see, I have also purchased a Brompton folding bike which, if a success, will be taken on the boat. It might be the Bradley Wiggins effect, but I am also considering growing some sideburns.

DSC_0591       DSC_0593