About Me – 2015


I set up the blog 6 years ago and things were ticking over nicely until Apple (bless them) pulled their  web hosting service and we were forced into switching over to WordPress. They were OK for a while, until 3 years ago the site crashed with a “fatal error”, which proved impossible to remedy. Our site hosting company were unwilling to give us any help in sorting out the problem. Site maintenance got put on the back burner and the frustrating hours spent on helplines and forums were cutting into building time. I could still get my Wharram fix on the peerless Gleda and Cat Named Dog sites but, with Neil’s blog now morphing into an aspirational travel blog, I needed to step up to the plate and get writing again. Janine has spent many days/weeks getting it all sorted and we are now good to go.

I have decided to change the blog’s direction and purpose a bit. I plan to do a weekly Sunday blog entry on the lines of “this is what I have done this week” and post lots of pics. Janine will endeavour to copy and paste archived blog entries into the new site format over next few weeks. I also plan to start a new section of articles on building tips, techniques and advice which should become a useful resource for future Wharram builders. I don’t profess to be an expert on anything, but over the years I know what has worked and what has not, and perhaps my experience may influence the choices of future builders. In short I hope it increases your chance of turning your dream project into reality. I must be getting old as this feels like succession planning…..

So whats been happening since the last blog entry? I am now 56 and somewhat greyer and more wrinkled. Six months ago I resigned from my practice ( long story but 12 hour days and  stress finally got the better of me). I remain the Medical Officer to a Children’s Hospice and still sit on The Swale Locality Commissioning Board. I also mentor and supervise doctors in trouble or are failing in some way.

My Dad died 2 years ago,  and so my 87 year old mother needs extra support. My sister, Janet, lives in Turin but manages to do wonders for Mum over Skype. My eldest daughter, Katharine, has enjoyed considerable stage success and is now living with her boyfriend in south London. My second daughter, Rebecca, has been working on a camel farm in central Australia, but plans to return back to the UK in the autumn to resume her photographers career. As for me, my full time job is now a boatbuilder, and Janine is a boatbuilder’s assistant.

Kira still sits in my back garden. The build shed has gone at the behest of my local planning department. Two hulls are perfectly aligned and are connected by the crossbeams. All but one of the hatches/comings are done. The anchor and foremast support is built. I am presently making the rudders, but I have modified the plans to incorporate a trim tab for self steering. I am still not sure about the steering pod. Although I bow to James and Hanneka’s experience, I do feel that the steering pod on plan is ugly; I have yet to come up with an alternative but I’m working on it. Watch this space.

I stopped setting myself ambitious targets some time ago and now just satisfy myself that every hour of work on the boat is an hour closer to Kira’s completion. Not withstanding the above, I hope to crack on with the interior fittings over winter, and perhaps lift Kira to a local boatyard (Iron Wharf, Faversham) next Spring/Summer for final preparations for launch.


July 2015